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Thread: Resurrected C905! Message for Satch1234 and Blagus

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    Default Resurrected C905! Message for Satch1234 and Blagus

    Gents, trying to post a reply to this thread and it keeps saying that my post will only go in once approved by a moderator. And then it doesn't post.

    So, I'll add the text from my reply here:

    Hi Satch, Blagus...not sure what 'Flash IC damage' is, but I don't think my phone has it!

    Satch, I went back on to SEUS the next day and tried again, and it worked second time around.
    Excellent news, and now I will make sure to read up a lot more before starting to update software on the phone without actually understanding the full implications and what's required.
    Next job will be to actually debrand it as I first intended - with the files you guided me to download I think I'll be able to have a good crack at it.

    Blagus, just to clarify Satch's input here: he spent a couple of hours online the other evening handholding me through this. My phone would be a useful paperweight now if it wasn't for his help!

    Satch, thanks again for your help here - really appreciate it.

    Best regards,

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    Your post will be approved shortly. Thread closed and moved.

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